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Houshang Darabi
Associate Professor

BS, Industrial Engineering (1990)
Technology& Science University, Iran

MS, Industrial Engineering (1993)
Sharif University of Technology

PhD, Industrial Engineering (2000)
Rutgers University

Selected Publications

Hui Liu, Houshang Darabi, and Pat Banerjee, and Jing Liu, Survey of Wireless Indoor Positioning Techniques and Systems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics- Part C, 37 (6), 2007.

H. Wang, L. Grigore, U. Buy, H. Darabi, Enforcing Transition Deadlines in Time Petri Nets, “12th IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation”, pp. 604-611, 2007.

M. Haji, and H. Darabi, Petri Net based Supervisory Control Reconfiguration of Project Management Systems, “Proceedings of the 3rd Annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering”, pp. 460-465, 2007.

R. Sampath, H. Darabi, U. Buy and J. Liu. Control Reconfiguration of Discrete Event Systems with Dynamic Constraints. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 5(1), pp 84-100, 2008.

Maryam Haji, Luca Agostoni, Paolo Gullo, Houshang Darabi, and Mauro Mancini, “An Improved Multi-Mode Resource Allocation and Project Scheduling Model”, 4th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, pp. 365-370, 2008.

Magdy Abdelhameed and Houshang Darabi, Neural Network Based Design of Fault-Tolerant Controllers for Automated Sequential Manufacturing Systems, Mechatronics Mechatronics 19 (2009) 705–714.

Maryam Haji, and Houshang Darabi, A Heuristic Algorithm for Schedule Reconfiguration of Projects during Execution, Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Service Operations, Logistics, and Informatics, Page(s): 400 – 405, July 2009.

Maryam Haji and Houshang Darabi, A Single Period Inventory Model with Inventory Update Decision: The Newsboy Problem Extension, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 47 Issue 5-8, pp755-771, 2010.

Francesca Schuler, and Houshang Darabi, Supervisory Control and Data Collection Policies for a Distribution Center Modeled as a Discrete Event System, Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Networks, Sensing, and Control, Page(s): 177 – 182, April 2010.

Nicholas Wightkin, Ugo Buy, and Houshang Darabi, Time Petri Net Translation of Sequential Function Charts. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (to appear).

Haisheng Wang, Liviu Grigore, Ugo Buy, Mihai Lehene, and Houshang Darabi, Enforcing periodic Transition Deadlines in Time Petri Nets with Net Unfoldings, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics- Part B (to appear).

Research Interests

Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems
Automated Manufacturing Information Systems
Workflow Management Systems
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Mathematical Programming and Optimization
Laboratory Discrete Event Systems Laboratory
SEL 4209, (312) 355-4677

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